Listen to Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister Last Words


Wow, this is actually news to me, not to mention that I’m late. The lead front man of Motörhead (Lemmy) passed away on December 28th last year, he was 70. As a tribute to the man who’s song “Game” is used by WWE wrestling, Triple H, Finnish dairy company Valio paid their respects.

Shortly before his death, Lemmy agreed to do a commercial with with them in which he used these lines:

I don’t drink milk, and I never will. You asshole.

During post product, the company heard about his death and decided to alter the ad and create a tribute video in his honor. Its pretty crazy how quick death happens. Anyways, heres the video for you to watch. Pretty chilling since these are his last words to the general public.

House on Fire

If my house was really on fire and my family was safe there really wouldn’t be anything for me to retrieve from the burning flames. I mean I could go in and take my only precious valuable that I’ve had since the age of 4, and that’s  just a stuffed animal that I’ve kept over the years. Anything else would just have to go.

I mean for example, Jeff Hardy from WWE, his house caught on fire and he lost everything that he had and has had to start all over again. If your house catches on fire, then it must have been meant to be because once there is flames all over then its practically over. Now I can see if I was in the house which is what this prompt is referring too than I would just be like screw it and save myself because trying to save an item would make me materialistic.

Where I’m trying to get to now is that if you were to try and save 5 items from a house fire than you are a complete idiot for the simple fact that you have to hold all of that stuff and try to dodge falling embers and flames while trying to save your self and 5 man made items.

So what advice would I give you? Don’t be materialistic.