Katt Williams is Coming to LOUISVILLE?!

Katt Williams

Okay so apparently I already knew this becasue when I went to the page to say I’m going it already said that I was interested. So I’m guessing the time between then and now I have slautered those brain cells with a LOT of THC. But hey! This is exciting, Katt Williams is coming to Louisville! Its crazy because just last year I was listening to his comedy specials on spotify and now I get a chance to see him live!

I’m way to stoked about this. Katt Williams in my richard Pryor of Modern Day comedy. This man gets on stage and says whatever the fuck he feels like and the entire show is great! Katt inspired me to simply not give a fuck and to give these people a show. Not everybody can just get in front of a large crowd of people and tell jokes. Thats a serious talent right there that only few have.

These tickets go on sale tomorrow so best believe that I’m going to be on that!

~ Keep it all smiles

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