Well Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Before I start, can I please bash AT&T for like 60 seconds? How in the wide wide world is AT&T practically the mother of all cellular networks but their internet is shitty? To even get to the page where I can write post on WordPress took me forever! Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Soundcloud, Recolor, blah blah blah! THEY ALL TOOK FOREVER TO LOAD!

… sorry

Besides the difficulties that got brought me here, I wanted to talk about Thanksgiving and how much of a Universal holiday it is. Now with me being me, I cannot start off any discussion without a story, so let us begin.

It was 5AM and we just got off the tram, through the guard shack, and out the turnstiles. I was standing out from waiting on my buddy Eric when our old supervisor and her short boyfriend who terribly suffers from the Napoleon complex walked by. With fag clouds blowing I waved to her goodbye and she waved back, yelling “Happy Thanksgiving!” I replied yelling Happy Thanksgiving and you folks will not believe what this female said to me.

“You do celebrate Thanksgiving right?!”

Uh… yes?

What I’m trying to figure out is, what thought processes were going on in that little brain of hers that caused her to question whether or not I celebrated a holiday where the day after Native Americans were slaughtered and diseased ridden. Looking at the picture as a whole, Thanksgiving is literally a holiday where we give thanks. There’s nothing religious about it other than when people “bless” the food. Even then I’m still staring at the deviled eggs praying satan doesn’t find me.

Thanksgiving is a universal holiday that can be celebrated by anyone. Thanksgiving is just a simple event where people gather to give thanks to one another, eat food, and laugh. Thanksgiving is probably the most funniest holiday ever as well as the easiest becasue you don’t have to buy anyone gifts for anyone. For her to even question the fact whether or not I celebrate Thanksgiving is just silly.

I really can’t complain too much, she’s probably eating unseasoned chicken with canned cranberries and honey baked ham ordered online. Anyways, I wanted to remind everyone that we should all be thankful for the people who are around us, the love that we share, and the peace that we try to strive for. Even though a shooting broke out at a local park here in my city, we shouldn’t let such violence and evil distraught us from the true meaning of life which is love.

Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Keep it all smiles

i figured out wordpress

WordPress is just a much more sophisticated version of facebook but with a spin.

It’s a blogosphere, a place for people to create and express, while sharing stories or news. It’s a community that its users (us) created and molded into what it is today. I like the fact that we can share the work of others and even have a chance to say a little bit. I think this is more fun this facebook.

~ Keep it all smiles

boy & computer

I have such a tough time writing that when I get so flusters at the idea that I’m trying to transfer to my laptop screen, I end up deleting it all and start talking about weird shit. That never really turns out good becasue… well you know, Its just some oddball character crap and people are like, “What in the flying fuck is this kid talking about again?” Truthfully, I’m just another dude on the internet with a blog that gets maybe one or two views per day.

Y’all know I’ve been running this blog ever since 2010? This site is very unsucessful, but I’ll keep trying and maybe one day it will get somewhere.

~ Keep it all smiles

f o o d

Thanksgiving is literally this Thursday and it’s time for social media to get ni**afied again. I remember last year #BlackThanksgiving was trending for damn near a week and it had to be the funniest thing to hit the internet since “P.O.P HOLD IT DOWN.” Today as I scroll on my twitter feed I’m searching for that one hashtag that has the flamboyance of a gay man to make its way to the trending charts and destroy the internet once again as it did last year…

Okay but really though, I look forward to Thanksgiving every year. It’s the one and only holiday that isn’t centered around praising a little baby that was supposedly seeded by god and born by some random woman with a generic ass name. If I’m wrong about Thanksgiving not having a religious background than please correct me becasue my whole life I’ve been taught that we’re supposed to be giving Thanks. But let’s not forget the fact that the Pilgrims killed the natives like a day after (those white devils).

With my cousins Mac & Cheese on my mind, all last night while talking to my homies DMT and BEEZY B, I couldn’t help but think about food. I’m not sure if it’s becasue I hadn’t ate since 3PM yesterday or imaginary deviled eggs sounded really good. (By the way, are they called deviled eggs becasue white people are referred to as white devils by the NOI and deviled eggs are practically white?) Excuse my madness but Thanksgiving has to be the best holiday since Christmas. Like Christmas is fun, but it surely isn’t Thanksgiving.

~ Keep it all smiles

My Bornday Came Again

The month of November is here and yet I’m 14 days late on updating my blog. For whatever excuse that I will use, just know that it’s invalid and I probably made it up as I wrote along.

Instead of tossing an excuse, I would like to throw out there for everyone to know that this past election day it was my birthday again.

Yes, my birthday landed on the day that Trump claimed the one and only important seat in the White House (how disappointing right?). What I find funny about all of this is that every chance I got leading up to my birthday I told someone that I was to turn a year older on election day and would ask silly questions like “What places are open on election day?” To say the least, the very last time I voted was the first time I voted and I got my boy Obama in there for his 2nd term. Now how in the hell do we go from “Change” to “Make America White Again!” This shit just doesn’t make any bit of sense but dumb americans just gobble that crap up.

I can’t say that I don’t care who is in office because I went to Downtown Louisville after 8pm on a Thursday to march the streets with a bunch of other upset protesters. We chanted everything from “Love Trumps hate” to “Pussy grabs back.” But does pussy really grab back?

Besides the whole election mess, I had a good vacation week. Let me remind you that I work 7 days a week, so having an entire week to myself where I can take time to reflect on my life and plan out where I need to go next was nice. Unfortunately when it came to making music I had a serious case of writer’s block and didn’t get a damn word out of myself until Saturday came. Surprisingly this entire weekend I’ve been in this huge creative writing mood. Not to mention I’ve finally started NaNoWriMo and like the description says, it’s my worst nightmare. But man oh man, I can’t believe that the first half of November is gone. Next week is Thanksgiving and I can’t WAIT!

I just need to clean my room so I can feel accomplished.

~ Keep it all smiles


dot dot dot

Dammit! I was doing so good this year! I made at least a post for each month and planned on to make it the whole year until I got on here today to see that September was one dull as month for me. haha

I can’t say that the best things have happened because they have not but I’m working. I’m working to stop the cascading waterfall of drama that slides down every day and says hello to my fro. I’m pretty sure that I have lessened as writer as well being that all of my sentences look like they were wrote by 19yr old Jamil. But it’s okay. This is my place. You’re only reading this because you wanted to. 

I’ll cut the bs though. I’ve been hella depressed lately. I remember how when I would hear the word depression, I would try to imagine what it was like and how someone could let the woes of life lead them into a path of loneliness and for some, self-destruction. Now here I am at the age of 22 (soon to be 23 next month) with a heavy heart, mind full of thoughts, and a list of regrets. These aren’t the only factors that have brought me down and have lead me to cry at some points, but the verbal arguments with my father and having to listen to him basically tell me that I ain’t shit and will never prosper in life because white America says so.

I’m just so tired of taking such a brutal beating. I hate hearing my father curse me out, then apologize, only to curse me out again int he future, forgetting all of the reason he told himself to keep him from being mad. The bull shit doesn’t stop there. My job is more than just a job, its not hell either. It’s pure evil. The people that surround me and the relationships that others try to build with you just so they can cling to your soul and drag you down with them as they search for happiness. I hate it. I really do.

I don’t want to do any of this anymore. I have found what I like to do a long time ago and I’ve always been happy doing it. I’m an artist. But the world doesn’t want me ink to shine bright. The world wants me to follow the sheeple as they carry on with hopeless love and a perverted mind.

~ ill try to keep it all smiles

Whoa Wait a Minute!

Guess what guys? The start of the semester has started and I have made the decision to not waste anymore time in a place that was draining life out of me. Now of course you have those people out in the world that are going to say, “You’re supposed to let college drain the life out of you so you can get a better education and a better job.” Well excuse me Mr. fucking retard, you can go ahead and waste your time, at least you can enjoy it. School isn’t for me. I legit sat down in grade school and day dreamed a majority of the time. Why am I gonna go to college to do more day dreaming when I can do it comfortably here at my house?

All I’m saying is, follow your heart and don’t do things that reflect the people around you. If you got friends going to school and you are too and you have tried effortlessly to pass and you just couldn’t, then maybe school isn’t right for you.


~ Keep it all smiles

The Internet

I have really begun to hate the internet. Not becasue some dude on reddit called my blog post “blog spam,” but the fact that the internet house’s more people similar to that ass hole of an individual. Yeah, it was nice to know that you keep you shitty writing on your computer but in the end does it really matter? I mean my article is still sitting on engadget’s Public Access page and it even has two shares meaning that two people understood what the fuck I was talking about.

The internet has been pissing me off since I started using it. I have this serious love hate relationship with this hyperlinked way of interaction. I know that the internet can be used for so much good but then at the same time I always find myself in this situations where I’m being bullied by a bunch of nerds who wouldn’t lay a hand on me in public. The internet gives fuck boys a voice but these same people wildn’ out with their internet antics need to realize that its all a facade.

Complaining about this small issue isn’t going to do much for me, I just figured I would share this story with you folks becasue I know that I am not the only one who gets this type of treatment.

TBH (You Guys Ready For Summer?)


Can you guys believe that March is almost over? It’s the damn 28th and my homework is due tomorrow at 11:59PM. April is just around the corner and you know what that means…ONLY A MONTH until MAY! I like May for all sorts of reasons, mainly because of the Kentucky Derby. Beer and weed is all we need around here! Going back over to April, Thunder Over Louisville kicks off which pretty much asserts that the Derby is on the way.

I’m constantly dreaming all the time about moving somewhere else and living life in a different city but there’s one thing for certain, I have to come back to Louisville. Maybe I’ll have two home? Who knows, I just like this time of year due to the fact that the entire city gears up for one of the biggest parties the world has seen! I mean we got fireworks, race horse’s, Bourbon, I mean shit! These are good times and things will get better as all of my homies progress and move forward with our lives as we should. I been doing a lot of thinking lately and have decided that once I barely make it out this semester of College in this terrible Algebra class, I’m not going back. I’ve been bitching and moaning a lot about college and now I have realized that I have more opportunities than just a piece of paper declaring that I have an Associates.

You may have seen me talk about this on my blog before but I plan on going to Code Louisville. It’s a programming course that’s free and it’s held at the public Library downtown. I’m gonna enroll so I can learn to program and get the hell out of UPS. As the days go on, I’ve begun to realize that this loop I’m in is getting old and that I won’t be rapping in a Garage forever.

Other than that, have a good Monday night and let this week bring you Good Fortune!

~ Keep it all smiles

10 Minute Breaks

The time of year that I anxiously wait for has finally come; Spring Break. I remember that in just the beginning of the semester I was super bummed at the fact that I had to go back to school and that peak season was just around the corner but it’s like that every year. Now here I am in damn near the middle of March with April showers just around the corner. It’s a good feelings other than knowing that you’re failing college Algebra. But I’m not going to let those fears and anxieties take control of my life because that will do nothing more than hold me back. I have too much going on right now to let anything pop up and tell me that I can’t do it.

See with me, my problem is holding grudges and letting worries drown me. As I think about it, I have no time for that shit. I have this fluttering rap career and a skateboard dream still there. I’m 22 and to anyone else reading this you may simply think I’m wasting my time. It only seems like that because you’re busy trying to fulfill another person’s dreams. But as I take the time to piece things together, I want to leave you with this. Time and death are inevitable. Drink water everyday and smoke weed because it’s good for you.

~ Keep it all smiles