I’ve been afraid to show my face

Its the reason why I have been gone

Deep within me I long for you

Its so challenging through my woes

You’re smile

You’re hair

You’re face

I so dearly miss it

I wish to see you more but you don’t seem to want me

It makes me sad and sometimes my eyes swell

Heartbreak I’ve met before

~ looking down cus’ God do


Running from you because Im scared. I’ve never been able to express myself to you and it’s hard. I want to let you know how I feel. I’ve done nothing more than make a silly song that I don’t even think you took the time to hear. You don’t have the time for me, I get it. But I want more than just a couple minutes.

~ keep it all smiles

Emotional Wreck. Pt. 1 (deaTh & REbirth)

Challenge accepted but left alone in it’s death.

Have you ever wondered where we travel once we leave? Is it a long road or a long tree…do you heave?

Do the clouds remain the same or do the names change with age?

Theres no one here if you don’t belong so how about a song to fill your ears?

The emptiness of emotions compel the weak mind to contribute what isn’t available.

So what happens when we leave?

Do you know?

I guess time will tell after one or two bullet holes.

fuck everything

Fuck everything
Fuck all that I have brought to myself
Fuck everything
Fuck all of the problems I create to detest myself
Fuck everything
Fuck the purpose of this note that I’m making
Fuck everything
Fuck the the science behind this madness I’m the saddest
Fuck everything
Fuck the people who deem me as a push over
Fuck everything
Fuck my silence because it’s what’s kept me quiet when the lady is over
Fuck everything
Fuck the faces that I see that care not to look at me
Fuck everything
I’ve dreamt of death but scared to face it but ask for ends when the begining is basic
Fuck everything
Fuck the fact that I can’t do right when in plain sight
Fuck everything
Fuck the fact that I cant speak my mind and start a conversion with a beautiful woman in mind
Fuck everything
Fuck these emotions although it’s guidence pleading to riot
Fucking everything
Fuck my life I said it right but no I shall stay strong and win the fight