i promise i;m not highh

Alright guys we gotta do this fast!

I don’t do this often but… the lights are bright and I am currently on another level!!! I got the bright lights with the glorious looking keys and black bands that prove existence!

Can’t you see? We got more perception than you think. Theres more that needs to be met with eyes and we can actually find this. We have the power and knowledge that excel us in a way that will create brilliance! For some people this may seem like a very confusing and enticing calling, but this needs to be rather taken on serious terms.

There isn’t that much left, the time is here and now. The now can never be re-created so there is only one shot that can destroy the evils that lie within! You cannot desecrate the needy and lend to the poor. Thats more of analogy that was never thought of. Probably in the midst of the cannibals hands, the ties between corn shells will never be made. You got to think, its all fun and games until someone gets hurt.


ps. Yo I’m sorry that you  had to read all of that rubbish. I do not take back anything I said so you can suck it! haha! Let them read this one and see if that face don’t change!

~ Keep it all smiles

Deice Season Is Here!!!

The truck is nice and toasty and I got my eye on the watch. Tonight’s a snow event at good ol’ UPS. Eric and I are posted up in our truck eagerly waiting to spray our first plane of the year. I Always get nervous when I’m out here but that all goes away once we’re driving off headed to our assigned ramp. 

If you don’t know what deice is, it’s where you go in a big looking Electric truck with the boom and bucket. You send one person up to spray a solution on the plane that gets rid of the snow. Immediately after you add another solution on top that repels ice and other frozen debris. 

It’s kinda fun, we get to chill in a truck waiting for our names to be called on the radio. I can’t stay too long, we got to get ready so I’ll talk to you guys soon!

~ Keep it al smiles

This Was Ab-Soul Before He Was Famous

A lot of the information in this video I already knew. Ab-Soul is one of my favorite artist and possibly the best lyricist of out time. I think saying “one of my favorite artist” isn’t the right term though, maybe my NUMBER ONE favorite artist, lol.

Hope you enjoy learning about the man who inspired me to be a better rapper.

ps. T.I. inspired me to rap

pss. Thanks Michael McCrudden for putting this together.

~ Keep it all smiles