Hey Google, just do what Apple did!


For anyone who owns an Android device, you may or may not have heard about Google Allo. Google Allo is a smart messaging app that is practically like iMessage, WhatsApp, and Kik. The only difference with Allo is the taste of Android. Whether you have used it or not, there really isn’t much dazzle to it. I mean hell, the only awesome feature I found was the Google AI integration. Other than that, it’s just a knock off of what other tech companies have to offer.

In all honestly, the App is clean shaven and runs flawless. I recently purchased a Google Pixel and ever since going back I don’t think I want to return to iPhone. (lol I’m just kidding) Seriously though, Google Allo has been gaining slow momentum. The app recently reached 10 million installs after its first 3 months out but why should we really be concerned with that? Why doesn’t Google just take the route that Apple did and have the app pre-installed and set as the preferred texting app instead of that messenger crap. I get that shit confused with facebook messenger a lot which screws me up everytime I share something and I get the display of apps to choose from.

The fact of the matter is, if Google really wanted to take Allo to new heights, they should make it the prefered texting app on all android devices. Going back to Apple; they created iMessage and made a universal messenger that developed a secret community among iPhone users while categorizing everyone else as SMS. I strongly suggest that Google should take this approach. I mean hell, if you’re gonna copy the “familiarity of an iPhone” with the Google Pixel, at least try some of Apple’s other ideas.

~ Keep it all smiles

Lets Watch T-Pain Use New Garageband Update (THIS IS NOT A DAMN HOW-TO VIDEO)

I got a notification from 9to5mac about a video made by The Verge that also includes T-Pain. In the video they are showing how to use the new Garageband update for iOS. The title said, “Learn absolutely nothing from watching T-Pain use the new GarageBand.” That’s what the title says. The video on the hand? Well the video’s title says, ” T-Pain mixes a beat with the new GarageBand.” Do you see the differences in their titles? Even when you watch the video T-Pain isn’t trying to walk you through how to make a beat. All T-Pain is doing is using the software and showing what he does; this isn’t a fuckcing how-to video!

Then what really ticked me off was the fact that the idiots in the comments were like “Who’s T-Pain?” The hell? I can understand if you don’t know T-+ain but don’t start bashing the video becasue he isn’t showing you how to make a beat. Not to mention that this site just caters to a bunch of Apple geeks so if anything they listen to “U2” or something. The point I’m trying to get out is that the whole article by Jordan Kahn is a bunch of rubbish.

Remember, this isn’t a “How-To” video, this is a fucking video showing how T-Pain uses garageband for projects he works on.

Fucking idiots.

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