Lets Watch T-Pain Use New Garageband Update (THIS IS NOT A DAMN HOW-TO VIDEO)

I got a notification from 9to5mac about a video made by The Verge that also includes T-Pain. In the video they are showing how to use the new Garageband update for iOS. The title said, “Learn absolutely nothing from watching T-Pain use the new GarageBand.” That’s what the title says. The video on the hand? Well the video’s title says, ” T-Pain mixes a beat with the new GarageBand.” Do you see the differences in their titles? Even when you watch the video T-Pain isn’t trying to walk you through how to make a beat. All T-Pain is doing is using the software and showing what he does; this isn’t a fuckcing how-to video!

Then what really ticked me off was the fact that the idiots in the comments were like “Who’s T-Pain?” The hell? I can understand if you don’t know T-+ain but don’t start bashing the video becasue he isn’t showing you how to make a beat. Not to mention that this site just caters to a bunch of Apple geeks so if anything they listen to “U2” or something. The point I’m trying to get out is that the whole article by Jordan Kahn is a bunch of rubbish.

Remember, this isn’t a “How-To” video, this is a fucking video showing how T-Pain uses garageband for projects he works on.

Fucking idiots.

 ~ Keep it all smiles

I Make Garage Music


Just like your backyard scientist, I too live in my garage creating master pieces. Sometimes I like to think of them as just rubbish pieces of work but then I realize all of the hard effort I put into them and I drop it all. haha. Whether your lost in what I’m saying or not, what I’m trying to say is that I make music in my garage. Its not the tidest of places but I make room to do what I got to do.

When I get any off day from working UPS and my dad I am in here. I have a welders blanket set up as an isolation pad and my mic sitting right in the middle. My laptop and audio interface are right next to me on top of blue pales full of soap. My normal routine when I come out here is first, setting up the equipment. Next I roll up a joint or maybe pack up a bowl and smoke. Right after that I search for an instrumental and then set up garageband. After that I freestyle and boom!

At first when I did it I was rapping the most shittest freestyles. After a while of just practicing I got better and eventually churned out more songs that sounded good. To be honest though I’m not to fond of all my freestyle work. I feel like I’m rushing the process of making a work of art. I love to write raps but I think at this point I just want to hear myself. I think I’m letting that distract me from what I really should be doing. I should probably figure out something because as I have been saying in my freestyles tonight, “I need help!”

~ Keep it all smiles