Think About It, We Make The World Work

You have a job right?

Have you ever sat down to think about how your job benefits someone else and how this chain continues no matter what you do? Our everyday lives consist of the work of other people. Whether you are at Starbucks purchasing coffee or shipping packages to eager customers, everything we do requires people. Here’s the breakdown.

I broke down different ways of receiving income into two different categories. Your first one is the “Need” and the second one is the “Like.” Those two categories may sound very simple but we’re about to dive a little deeper.

We’ll start with the “Need.”

When you are need of money you have to go out and find a job. Most of us get caught up in a job we highly dislike but we are only there becasue of the money. This job of course serves other people, the cliche cause and effect situation. No matter what job you choose, that job provides some sort of service to people. Humans are needed for businesses to survive. Without people needed some sort of service than what’s the purpose right?

Okay, so the Need was simple enough, let’s move on to the “Like.”

The Like is an activity you enjoy doing in life. This can range from drawing, skateboarding, reading, writing, or whatever the hell it is you like to do. People who excel in their “Like,” have an opportunity to turn it into a career. In order for this Like to become a career, it requires the satisfaction of other people like you and me. We are the people who made Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, and N.W.A famous. They needed us to like their music for them to become successful. Do you see what happened? People were needed yet again.

If you have made it this far down the article and have said to yourself, “Well duh!” Than you’re a step closer to what I’m going to hit you with. If we need one another to survive, then why are we killing ourselves? I guess we can look at the battles we have fought throughout history as a way of survival, but even then, countless lives have been taken away from this earth.

With me being a firm believer in reincarnation, what if that 9 year old little boy who was assassinated in Chicago was going to be out future president that was going to make a huge impact? Now he has to go right back through the reincarnation cycle to return. Not to mention that since he was murdered he will probably carry some type of defect with him in the next life. In some sense, we’re holding ourselves back from what we truly can be by removing future possibilities. Those possibilities now have to wait for the next life to carry out those duties.

We should stop trying to hold back mankind and focus on the Needs and Likes that help make the world go around.

~ Keep it all smiles


I Think I Died in 1941

I think I hit Pearl Harbor.

The only reason why I am assuming this is because my dad walked in my room babbling about reincarnation. I’m a firm believer in reincarnation so of course I gave him my full attention. He told me that its every 52 years or so that you get reincarnated. If that is the case than I must have died in 1941. This is the same year that Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and when the United States said “fuck it” and declared war. This all of course sparked WWII and the rest is history.

Where I stand in the mix of all of this is unknown. I sometimes tell myself that maybe I was born in Japan. The reason why I say this is because when I look at photographs of Japan they look so comforting and inviting. I somewhat want to be there. I could have been that daring pilot that bombed the harbor. Then again I could be wrong and I could have been one part of the Naval fleet that got killed on the USS Arizona.

What ever happened to me in my past is still a mystery but I hope to find out some time soon. Its quite interesting. This is why I can’t take up on any religion because I won’t be able to to think this way. I love abstract thinking and having that repressed would just piss me off.

Four Corners Part 2

My room is a box. There’s no air vents so I have to use an electric heater to heat my room up during the winter months. I just cut it off so I can let the cold air take over my room.

Once again I am in the middle of my room sitting down with my tablet in one hand and a plate of Vienna sausages in the other. I’ve been stuck in the house all day doing nothing productive but sitting in my room browsing the internet, Trying to make friends. My dad came home earlier and yelled at me about not figuring out how to open some damn word file. He’s been doing this for a month now. I’ve grown tired of it, contemplating on moving out and dealing with room mates. But the free room and manuel labor with my dads business  is what keeps me here.

My dad went on a rant earlier about how he doesn’t know who me and my sister are. Claiming we are just reincarnations of past people. I believe him. He had me Google a book that he heard on the radio thats about children who have memories of past lives. It got me really thinking about who I really am and who the person I was before this life. I know for sure that I am reincarnated. I’m hoping that once I find out who I used to be then I can finally get the answers to why I love to skateboard so much and why I’m the person I am today.

Other than me wondering who I really am, I paid half of my school debt. Apparently I owe those bitches 800 something. I only paid half and plan to call and make sure the other half isn’t a mistake. God I hate college.