Its been a Minute

Whats good world! Its been a while since I talked about something. Last thing I told y’all was that I got a job and UPS and talked a little bit about how much I hate it….I think. But I got some new stories to tell and other stuff you’ll like to read so be looking OUT! HOLLA AT ME!

The Statement Part. 1

WTF, what am I supposed to do? Sit around and just play this game, been done with that a year ago but still it seems to be a plague, updates about these other fools, f*** em if you want em to, leave me out the situation and you’ll see what I’m gon’ do, only just a summer ago I admitted to the facts but now I’m stuck in a vortex that has me under attack, left alone by the people close enough under pressure, just a few steps till I’m at the door but I won’t lift the lever…. to be continued – Jamil