I totally need to calm down with these angry/sad post that I have been flooding my blog with these past years. I mean yeah, I’ve been going through some rough times mentally, but I don’t think I need to express my frustration in a way that makes it seem like I’m a cry baby. I […]


This Was Ab-Soul Before He Was Famous

A lot of the information in this video I already knew. Ab-Soul is one of my favorite artist and possibly the best lyricist of out time. I think saying “one of my favorite artist” isn’t the right term though, maybe my NUMBER ONE favorite artist, lol. Hope you enjoy learning about the man who inspired […]


Skateboardin’ Bastard

YOOOOO! YOOOOOOO! Skateboard bastard Call me the master Spittin hot flames a day Grill master cookin cakes Still on top of yo head like a Toupé Making suckas fall back like soldiers getting bombed away (Intermission) “*Coff Coff*, Don’t be asking no questions, we ain’t signing no autographs! If it ain’t about ADS SQUAD THEN FUCK IT!” Look inside my […]