he’s always after me in the most unconventional ways.

i must stay alert even if i have to hold my pee.

i’ll consider a change when im ready but my mind has been held prisoner.

who will save me.

who will change me.

will it be me or you?

~ keep it all smiles


i laugh when im horny

My sunny days get perpetrated by black thoughts shading the horizon.

I often dream of different realities but none compare to the one that I’m living in at this very moment. It brings chills to my spine to even think such a way but who else really cares? I mean even though we travel the same frequency we’re all on different bands.

Without any of my misjudgment coming into play, it seems that what I see dwindling afar always seeps in the little crack it balances on. A rare but mystifying moment turns to sadness and grief. What does that even have to do with anything you might ask?

Well its simple.


~ keep it all smiles

What did Fergie Say?

I’m not into basketball so I totally missed the All Star Game. I woke up this afternoon to videos of Fergie singing the National Anthem with articles attached detailing how terrible her singing was. Luckily twitter knows how to use their smartphones and shortened out a clip showing us EXACTLY how she screwed it up.

I typically don’t share celeb shit on my blog or trending pop culture bullshit but gaddamn this shit was funny. LMAO


~ keep it all smiles


Alright, So I’m late with the post but I don’t care.


YUUUUH! So T.I. Dropped a mixtape on new years eve. I’ll tell you right now, its been a week and all I’ve been listening to is his mixtape. This guy got’s ALBUM MATERIAL ON HERE!!! Realtalk! haha Seriously!!! You people gotta go cop this mixtape. T.I. goes hard on it. I know my poor choice of words right now is making me sound really stupid but go download T.I.’s mixtape and stop worrying about how I talk!

Click The Following link to listen to the mixtape.