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Thanksgiving is literally this Thursday and it’s time for social media to get ni**afied again. I remember last year #BlackThanksgiving was trending for damn near a week and it had to be the funniest thing to hit the internet since “P.O.P HOLD IT DOWN.” Today as I scroll on my twitter feed I’m searching for that one hashtag that has the flamboyance of a gay man to make its way to the trending charts and destroy the internet once again as it did last year…

Okay but really though, I look forward to Thanksgiving every year. It’s the one and only holiday that isn’t centered around praising a little baby that was supposedly seeded by god and born by some random woman with a generic ass name. If I’m wrong about Thanksgiving not having a religious background than please correct me becasue my whole life I’ve been taught that we’re supposed to be giving Thanks. But let’s not forget the fact that the Pilgrims killed the natives like a day after (those white devils).

With my cousins Mac & Cheese on my mind, all last night while talking to my homies DMT and BEEZY B, I couldn’t help but think about food. I’m not sure if it’s becasue I hadn’t ate since 3PM yesterday or imaginary deviled eggs sounded really good. (By the way, are they called deviled eggs becasue white people are referred to as white devils by the NOI and deviled eggs are practically white?) Excuse my madness but Thanksgiving has to be the best holiday since Christmas. Like Christmas is fun, but it surely isn’t Thanksgiving.

~ Keep it all smiles

Family isn’t just blood, Apply it.


When the world Family pops in your head, what do you automatically think of?

Your really close friends? Family at home?

At this point in my life I have begun to think that the word Family can mean anything. Now I don’t mean that you can walk up the street and just claim that random hobo your family member, but in essence, you can apply it just like that.

What got me thinking about this matter was while I was leaving work Monday morning after deicing planes all night. We hopped into the van and was on our way to the guard shack. As we rode along, dodging departing flights, I tuned in closely to the conversations going on in the back seats. What I heard was heart warming yet unnormal all at the same time.

What I witnessed was the dividing line that separates an individuals outside life from work life, fall apart into a bunch of rubble. I was amazed by the closeness that these deice employees had with one another. They literally talked as if they were kids together on the block playing hide and go seek. I felt a little uneasy hearing their words since I kind of knew a few of them and their lives outside of work. Some of them have been through heartache while others just live and everyday life. The happiness in their voices carried a high tune as they spoke on relationships, news, jokes, and anything else that they shared.

The entire time I couldn’t get over the fact that this was going on. My mind even drifted off, thinking about the other small little groups of people that considered one another family. I even caught a glimpse of the photo of Debbie (Head of the Deice Coordinators) along with the other deice coordinators. I even had stories fill my head from past conversation that I meddled in from family affairs to shit talk. The numerous thoughts that went through my head were a bit overwhelming but they filled me with joy that this was out here.

I was raised t0 believe (mainly from my cousin) that family are the people who are in your family tree. As I grew older and began to make close friends myself, I quickly discovered that blood doesn’t make up family. Just because you’re “cousin” is considered a family member doesn’t mean you have to claim them, especially if they are a jerk and treat you like a turd.

I’m glad to have had this experience.

I’m glad I became a deicer at UPS.

I am glad that I know what family is… a group of individuals that cares for your existence and will go out of their way to do anything that will help you grow.

~ Keep it all smiles

Happy New Years!

I personally think that this year is going to be a great year! They say that life is what you make it so this year I’m going to lay my foot down and pave my path out myself instead of someone else doing it for me. Last year had its ups and downs but this  year looks bright for me and my friends. We’re all getting paid, we all have good goals and right now we are all achieving them. It feels great knowing that you’re whole crew is doing well. We may not have stepped into the new year with a huge bang but we don’t need no overwhelming party to make the next 365 days memorable ones. My head is still foggy from earlier so I’ll make a much more clearer post about this new start of life here on earth later today if I remember to do so. haha!

Have fun everyone and make this your year as well!

Peace. Love. Skate (PLS)

Heart. Honor. Respect (HiiiPower)

FML Series.

So for the next couple days I will be sharing with you the trials and tribulations that I am going through in my miserable life right now.

Why do I say it is miserable?

Because for the last month I have had to deal with stress from my Family and a whole lotta other crap…

Instead of keeping this stuff all balled up inside until I explode with hatred, I’m gonna try and share my story on my lil ol’ blog. What am I expecting from this? Nothing…I don’t care who reads it. I just know that who ever I KNOW that reads it and they happen to be mentioned ….. will be pissed. But I don’t give a fuck anymore…fuck you.

So stay tuned folks and and come back tomorrow or something…I might have Pt. 1 posted.

-Wisdom Spoken By an Angry Black Man.

My Life

Some people in life are just obstacles that want you to fail or want you to follow them in there direction. I have my own path and I plan on to succeed at it. I’m not going to sit back and talk about what could have happened, I’m going to make it happen whether you like it or not. They say my dad talks crazy but everything he has told me he has backed up with all the proof he can show or have me read. As of right now the society is against what I do. Skateboarding is my thing and I’m following the saying, “Skate Or Die”. It may sound stupid to you but if you were a skateboarder you would feel the same way about it. People just don’t understand skaters and wish we can stop skating and pretty our selves up, thats not going to happen. You gotta be smoking an ounce of weed to tell me something like that.

Another thing that gets me is that everyone in my family thinks my dad is a fool but there wrong. They think he is talking crazy. My dad is an entrepreneur and has 2 businesses. One is kitchen Exhaust cleaning and the other one which he is about to start up is in carpet cleaning. He is the only person in my life who I have seen go out and make his own money from his very own business while everyone else is sitting at home waiting on a check from there job.

I hate it when my cousin tries to talk to me about how I should get a job, I think I should but that basically means I might have to stop skateboarding. Once I start working my life will be gone. I’ll wake up, go to work and come home tired and want to rest. Plus I’m in school so if I get a job I’ll have to go to school, come home and go to work, once I get back It’ll be late and I’ll have to do my home work and go to bed. No fuck that. I’ve come this far in skateboarding now people want me to quit!? No, I’m going to keep pushing till’ I can’t no more. To some people right now I sound crazy but like I said above if you were a skateboarder you would think the same way.

Real Life

I still find it kind of hard to believe that I’m almost out of school. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was in head start.  now I am 2 years away from leaving high school and entering the real world I just don’t know what to do with my self. Its kind of weird, exciting and a bit nervous because I’m only 16 and haven’t figured out what to do with my life yet. My family is trying there hardest to get me to think but just like any old teenager I rebel against them and don’t listen to a word that they got to say. I have been thinking for the longest though on what to do in my life. I have many goals that I would like to peruse but I haven’t taken the initial plan to go and do it. Well except for one but I don’t feel like going into to much detail on that matter. Don’t be trippen and think that its some weird job that I have in plan but no, when everything falls into plan you’ll see. I guess, thats if you pay any attention to what I post up for these people to see.

In school though they do come to us a lot and talk to us about college and stuff but it seem to be over whelming and time consuming to sit down and pick a college and how your gonna pay to get in. I don’t really see the need for college. Its only for those people who want to work in a big office tower and get told what to do by this big fat man who site behind his desk all day eating doughnuts, or is that was police officers do? Well it dosent matter, its some stuck up back stabbing boss. Then on top of that your stuck in a cubical surrounded by more back stabbing employees who suck up to there boss and will do anything to annihilate you and get you fired. Sounds bad right? It is. My view on life is different from most peoples because I see things differently then others do. Its like someone is looking at an apple and when I walk up I see an orange. I think I gave a bad example, how about you come up with one and I keep talking.

Anyways it seem like I have so many ideas and opportunities at hand but don’t take any action. 2 years of high school and where have I gone, no where. Most teens my age got a job. I got a part time job with my dad. Low pay ain’t kickin it in my world.

As I go on and on I find it useless that I keep going about this problem and think I should stop here. Unless you can comment on this post and give me a heads up on what I should do, feel free. Until then, I’ll be waiting on that post.